K9 CarFence™
The NEW K9 CarFence™ provides your dogs the joy of riding safe, free and easy

“Nothing Else Compares in Car Safety for Dogs!”

The NEW K9 CarFence™ provides your dogs the joy of riding safe, free and easy in the front or back seat of your car.

With the unique, made-in-USA, patented K9 CarFence, your dogs and puppies easily become good traveling companions whether on trips around town or on long vacation drives.

How? Your dogs ride stress free. No harnesses or confining seats. The K9 CarFence is a soft roomy den where dogs feel safe and calm. The netting allows them to see through to you and the great outdoors. It cradles and protects in sudden stops. A better idea in car safety for dogs. A better idea than the typical dog car seat.

The new K9 CarFence brings safety, convenience and comfort together in one really great product!

K9 CarFence™ Original
Orig.: $109.95
Sale: $89.95
K9 CarFence Deluxe
Orig.: $129.99
Sale: $109.99
2nd Car Anchor Kit
Orig.: $31.95
Sale: $21.00
K9 CarFence™ Extra Headrest
Orig.: $18.95
Sale: $9.00


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How a bump on a Peanut got this inventor on a mission to make dogs safer easy riders.

Ira Stahl is an electrician by trade and an inventor at heart. He’s also the protective papa of two Pomeranian-Poodle mixes, Peanut and Bear. “They’re my children,” Stahl says. The pair can be found riding shotgun as Stahl drives around for his electrical business.

THE BUMP. Ira almost had a heart attack when another car cut in forcing him to stop suddenly and his boys ended up on the floor. He was especially worried about Peanut, who bumped against the dashboard. Fortunately Peanut was fine and so was Bear. But it was a wake up call for Ira. As much as he adores his dogs, as over 80% of dog lovers, he did not use any protective gear to keep his dogs safe while riding in the car.

THE FINE. As pet owners know, it’s not only dangerous to drive without restraints on dogs, in some states it’s illegal. Naughty pet owners can be fined up to $1,000. Ouch.

THE OTHERS. Ira put on his inventor hat and researched dog restraint products on the market. He saw issues. A vet told Ira that harnesses could hurt dogs in sudden stops. Injuries that require veterinary care and repair. Hard cages can also do damage. Dogs tied up suffer stress. He knew he could do better.

THE IDEA. Peanut and Bear are active little copilots, so Ira wanted something that was safe but still allowed them to move around, enjoy the ride, see out, see him and to be safe. Nothing he found was quite right. “I came up with a netting system,” he says. “I used cargo netting, pipes and bungee cords. He thought of a ball in the net; how the net bounces the ball back. He imagined an egg falling on a hard surface like a dashboard or cage and that same egg being cradled in a net. After testing and retesting, he proved that the netting absorbed the negative force energy when a car comes to a sudden stop.

THE INVENTOR. Ira Stahl has been inventing since he was 12 years old. He has a long list of inventions, three have patents. K9 CarFence was 4 years in research, development, and testing. It is also patented. His 4th.

THE FENCE. One K9 CarFence accommodates 1 to 3, even 4 dogs and or puppies, depending on size within its borders. It uses straps that snap to the headrest, the visor, and seat base. It can be used in the front or back passenger-side seats and it adjusts to the height of the dog to keep it from jumping out. The Fence snaps out quick and easy and rolls up to the size of a medium-size umbrella. A better idea is here. No more cumbersome dog car seats that only hold one dog.

THE PRICE. Stahl is proud of his invention, which he’s working to get safety certified. While he knew he could have the Fence made overseas for considerably less, Ira insisted that it be made in the USA. He wanted a high quality, dependable product and he wanted to keep his job here.

THE CRITICS. Mike Rae runs Dog Talk Training & Care for Dogs and Puppies. He is just as enthusiastic about K9 CarFence, which he uses all the time. “I’d definitely recommend it to my clients, it has worked out great.”

THE PUPPIES. New dog owner, B. Connelly, is thrilled with the in-car training the Fence provides her 2 pups. “They stay so calm in the CatFence,” she enthused. “Better than in the house.”

Ira says his primary reason for inventing the K9 CarFence was to keep dogs safe. “It’s really frustrating when I talk to someone and they say they would rather have their dogs on their laps when they are driving,” he says. “I didn’t get it either until that incident in the car with Peanut. If you’re going to put on a seat belt on yourself and your kids, why not keep your 4-legged children safe as well?”


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