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Super Duty Collapsible Heavy Duty Dog Crate Collapsible Heavy Duty Dog Crate large Collapsible Aluminum Heavy Duty Dog Crate

50”D x 34"W x 36”H  Heavy Duty Dog Crate COLLAPSIBLE Strongest Indestructible 3-Year Warranty Escape proof

Heavy Duty Dog Crate XLARGE Collapsible Strongest Aluminum
41"L x 25"W x 29"H Lightweight
Airline Approved Escape Proof
Heavy Duty Dog Crates Collapsible Aluminum 3 Sizes Get Mobile Airline Approved Strongest Lightweight Crates
Heavy Duty Dog Crate European style Dog Kennel outside 2 run 5x10x6 Heavy Duty Dog Crate Super-Duty 48x30x33  
48" Heavy Duty Strongest Indestructible
Dog Crate European Style 48"L x 42”W x 39"H 3/4" Solid Bars Escape Proof
3 Year Replacement Warranty
Dog Kennel 2-Run 5'x10'x6
Shed Row Style
w/Roof Shelter All Sizes Available
Heavy Duty Dog Crate Super-Duty
48x30x33" Escape Proof
3 yr Replacement Warranty



Welcome to home of the very best dog crates, heavy duty dog crates, pet carriers and pet strollers at extremely competitive prices.

While our primary product line is dog crates, pet strollers and pet carriers we do have many other items to help improve quality of life for you, your family and your pets.


Our Heavy Duty Dog Crates are the "Last Dog Crate you Will Ever Need!"

We are extremely pleased to offer our line of Strong and Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crates. Our Strong Level 3 heavy duty crate is constructed completely of flat and tubular steel. Sizes available in 36", 42" and 48" to cover the strong dog breeds.

Our Strongest rated Heavy Duty dog crates will amaze you with both strength and appearance. Sizes are 37" and 42". Our Strong and our Strongest Heavy Duty dog crates will get the job done. Finally, a crate to hold your dog.

You have this wonderful, playfull, loyal and loving strong dog....when you are home. When you leave he or she may jump out windows, chew the couch, walls or doors. You've tried wire crates. You've tried up to 3 wire crates. He or she walks right out of them. What to do? You can't bear the thought of giving him/her up.

You are in the right place for answers. Our Heavy Duty dog crates will help you take back control while saving your property, your dog and your sanity.

Our Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crates are used for strong dogs, dogs exhibiting noise phobia, separation anxiety and other problems which require the pet being confined during those times when you can't be there to help.

A good dog crate is a blessing for all. A reminder-always use dog crates with metal pans. If you have a "chewer" you know what I mean. Whether you are crate training your dog or just keeping him or her safe our crates will get the job done for you.

So bring on "Mr. Big Dog, Mr. Agressive Dog, Mr. Chewer, Mr. Escape Artist dog, Mr. "I wasn't crate trained as a puppy" dogs. Our Heavy Duty dog crates may just save your dogs' life

Wire Dog Crates

All our sturdy wire crates and our Heavy Duty dog crates come with a metal pan. Be sure the dog crate you buy has a metal pan. While the metal pan is more sturdy and long lasting some dog owners still prefer plastic. We now have a line of strong heavy duty dog crates with plastic pans.

Research shows many uses for dog crates. Just a few include crate training your dog using the appropriate size wire crates. Many use our crates to transport their pets especially larger pets. Smaller pets are easily managed with pet carriers. Our dog crates provide a safe place for your pet to rest and recuperate after illness or surgery.

Dogs are den animals. They enjoy having their own "den" or place of safety.

The 2 and 3-door access is quite handy when crate training your dog.  We’ve all heard the horror stories of anxious pets that chew everything in sight when they are left alone. Our crates can solve this problem. Your pet will thank you.

Most of our wire dog crates run just slightly oversize. They are all foldable for ease of transport and storage.

We are very proud of our 54" extra large heavy duty dog crate for larger strong dog breeds.

Pet Strollers

Check out our line of pet strollers. Our strollers fold down quickly and easily just like our dog crates.They store in compact fashion. Our strollers offer many other features. Look for the “3-in-1 stroller. It’s a dog stroller, a pet carrier, and a car seat all in one. Among our many pet strollers we even have a family children with dog“Double-Decker” model for walking more than one pet at a time. Both pet carriers can be removed from the stroller and used separately. Discover many other built-in features in all our unique 3 and 4 wheel pet strollers. One of our strollers even has a detachable backpack.

Please remember that Cats love our pet strollers too!

Pet Carriers

Our line of fashionable pet carriers will turn heads as you enjoy the company of your pet wherever you go.  Some of our pet carriers are airline approved. Our carriers are known for their sturdy construction inside and out. 

When it's time to carry your pets or keep them safe and secure, any of our crates, carriers or strollers will get the job done in style. Come on in and take a look around and thanks for your visit.

Thank you,    


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